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Enhance Sales Leads and ROI through multi-channel campaigns using our highly responsive JD Edwards Customers List

EMEA Leads’ JD Edwards Users Email List is the best marketing tool available in the global market. It is primarily built to facilitate your multi-channel marketing campaigns such as email marketing, telemarketing, direct marketing, social media ad campaigns, etc. So, if you want to advertise your products and services then, you must certainly have access to our B2B email lists. With our permission passed database you can confidently roll out marketing campaigns to prospects and we assure you your messages will reach your targeted audiences in boxes at the right time and will keep them engaged.

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Connect with influential decision-makers and boost business relations using JD Edwards Client List

Connect with influential global decision-makers from various companies using JD Edwards software through your preferred channel of networking. With our JD Edwards Users Marketing Database, you can directly communicate with your existing as well as potential clients to grow your customer base and boost business relations. We also adhere to local and international data privacy and security policies such as the GDPR, CAN spam, etc. Therefore, using our database you can launch your marketing campaigns in different countries without any hassles and increase your sales and conversions.

Expand prospecting opportunities using geo-targeted List of Companies That Use JD Edwards

With our JD Edwards Users Email List, you connect with JD Edwards software users in the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, and many more countries. You can create market visibility for your brand by promoting it to the right audience across these countries and increasing your sales revenue.

  • Our experts at EMEA Leads collate the data from legitimate sources such as tech publications, magazine and email subscriptions, feedback forms, conferences and surveys, and many more online or offline sources.
  • We provide well-segmented contact data of JD Edwards users which is updated with current information of your existing as well as potential customers that will increase conversions.
  • With our list of companies using JD Edwards software, you can explore business ventures in the global market and grow your business revenue.
  • We customize our JD Edwards users list on request by our customers based on various categories such as geographic location, job titles, etc.
  • EMEA Leads guarantees the highest deliverability rate of our JD Edwards customers list as it goes through rigorous verification and validation process to ensure data authenticity.
  • EMEA Leads unique selling point is a free replacement in case of stale data, double opt-in check contacts, boost sales, larger profits and ROI, and more.

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